Music is no longer just something to listen to for leisure – did you know that with the right ambient music, you can establish personal, emotive connections with your customers and improve your business’ performance? Research has shown that 81% of consumers agree that hearing music in a commercial space lifts their mood, and shoppers are more likely to spend more in a retail store when unfamiliar music is played. This means that ambient sound plays a vital role in influencing customers’ perception of a brand and their purchase decisions, and is something that every Singapore business should capitalise on.

Ambient Music For Hotels

Playing ambient music in your hotel is a great way to make your guests feel happy and comfortable. The right ambient music can put your guests into a pleasant mood and create a good first impression, especially when played in the hotel lobby. You can also select an ambient sound that suits the mood and purpose of a specific location – for example, smooth jazz at the restaurant to ease guests into their mornings over breakfast and an energetic, lively pop at the gym to give guests an extra boost for their workout.

ambient music for cafes and hotels in singapore
ambient music for retail stores

Ambient Music For Retail Store

If you aren’t already playing ambient music in your retail store, it’s time to start right away. Studies have shown that ambient music affects the way that people shop in retail stores – for example, playing slow-tempo music in a shop slows shoppers down and gives them more time to make impulsive purchases and browse the items on sale, resulting in more purchases and higher profits for the shop.

MUSICVYBE Is Your Top Ambient Music Provider In Singapore

MUSICVYBE is a specialist in music for commercial use. With a private label library of over a million tracks and a portfolio of professionally curated playlists containing over sixty concepts, MUSICVYBE will provide your business with a styled sound that meets your business needs. If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective background music solution for your commercial establishment in Singapore, look no further than MUSICVYBE. Contact us today for a free consultation.