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MUSICVYBE is a fully licensed and managed background music solution saving you thousands of dollars yearly in traditional music license fees.

Background music establishes the mood, motivates the subconscious, and creates a lasting impression on existing and potential customers.

By making powerful and often personal emotive connections, music has the flexibility to influence everything from the perceived strategic positioning of a brand to more tactical outcomes like an impulse purchase or ordering another round of drinks.

MUSICVYBE simplifies the business process, helping you harness music’s emotional power and substantial savings on traditional music licenses.

Using our Direct-Licensed Private Label library, MUSICVYBE includes Public Performance of Sound Recordings / Lyrics / Composers fees, Reproduction of the Sound Recording, and Master Rights.

MUSICVYBE is the only service in Singapore that offers high-quality background music that is fully managed, and has playlists curated by experts with over two decades of experience.

MUSICVBYE – High Quality Background Music Without The Hassle

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A unique underground mix of lounge grooves with a slice of energy and dash of sparkles. Placing emphasis on melody, texture and mood. With just the right merger of subtle vocals, organic instrumentation and synthetic rhythm, this mix doesn’t lose the human element, but instead enhances it with texture and contemporary production. Fitting music for fashion retailers, late night dining, or any business wanting to build a contemporary image.

Alternative Pop

Edgy and raw with overtones of lush pop, with an adult alternative bed. Everything is perfectly crafted – great songwriting and melodies, soaring crystal clear vocals, wonderful musicianship and arrangements, and best of all, productions that are as clear and well-balanced as you’ll ever find.

Smooth Soul

Lots of soulful vocals and some groovy instrumentals are the sounds of this concept. Music with a moderate to upbeat pace. Wide appeal; perfect for sustained listening and maintaining interest, high female appeal.

Ideal for fine clothiers, department stores, home furnishings, casual and fine dining; Cafes, restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques appealing to urban professionals and families.

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