MUSICVYBE offers quality background music for clients who understand the role and importance of ambient music and want a simple and cost-effective solution. MUSICVYBE is easy to get up and running through the smart application of the latest technology (an app downloaded onto an android or iOS device).

Our broad range of music (Over 40 playlists from classical to smooth jazz to acoustic rock to chill-out, lounge, R&B) and the ability to schedule playlists to suit the time or day makes MUSICVYBE a highly competitive proposition in situations where major label music is not necessary.

Sensory Experiences Group

MUSICVYBE is a member of the Sensory Experiences Group, an organisation that connects brands with their consumers through a broad range of sensory experiences at every touchpoint in the customer journey. The group provides technical support from its work with a range of leading global brands like New Balance, Citibank and Standard Chartered, as well as regional stars like Marina Bay Sands, OUB Bank and Keppel Land.


The future of ambient music is simplicity, flexibility and affordability.


Everything MUSICVYBE does is to ensure clients get great quality, affordable background music with the least possible fuss.

Our approach is one of affordability and simplicity without sacrificing quality.

  • Brand Consultancy
  • Music profile design
  • Management of schedule & music
  • Curated playlists
  • Consistent track volumes
  • Daily, weekly & monthly scheduling of playlists
  • Monthly music updates
  • Remote & optional onsite installation
  • Technical support
  • Client Services
  • Seasonal music changes
  • Music redesign
  • Music licensing
  • Background music player (Android or IOS)
  • Background music player (Optional hardware media player )